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About our company
In 2001, the company was established as a small-scale personal studio in Ta'an District in Taipei City. Up to now, it has set up base in Taipei and a design building in Hsin-chu.
WID Team is led by the designer Tommy Wang to guide the internal and external young elites with excellent educational background and abundant work experiences in the fields like landscape, architecture, and interior design. WID has all-dimensional design services that are sufficient enough to tackle with a variety of design issues.
With diversified and international design creativity, and a style courageous to think, take actions, and willingness to make the ideals come true, our company has provoked impact one after another in the design industry in Taiwan, and the architecture and business space design works are distributed around the world.
It is our pleasure to bring creativity to a full play when we construct the design ideas with each plan heading towards customization and contact with our clients.

王中丞 Tommy Wang  Ceo Designer


2019 HKDA Global Design Awards
2018 International Design Media Award(IDMA) Gold Prize
2018 Chinese Jiu RanDesigner Award
2018 IDA International Design Awards
2018 A'Design Award          
2017 IF Design Award
2017 ADA Asia Design Award
2012 International Space Design Award Idea-Tops
2012 International Space Design Award Idea-Tops 
2012 International Space Design Award Idea-Tops
2007 TID Award

The host designer Tommy Wang concentrates his design on the relationship between men and environment, understand the external space has to be integrated into the internal space sufficiently . Through human spirit connected by light, shadow, and space, a sensational design that suits the moment best is thus created.
The rich outcomes coming from exploring the nature of design

楊喻涵 Evanna 








WID Architecture & Interior Design

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